Jack Mankiewicz

Associate Producer & Editor

Jack Mankiewicz began his career at Nick Davis Productions as a humble intern, when he dropped a computer down the stairs. Six years later, he is now a shooter, producer, and editor, who has worked on a variety of successful projects.

Jack grew up in Los Angeles and has been telling stories from an early age. His first were about his dog, who starred as the worlds most successful NASCAR driver. In high school, he won three National Scholastic Writing Awards for his poetry, short stories, and plays.

He studied English at Kenyon College and received his degree with a focus in creative writing. At the same time, Jack began studying filmmaking on his own, interning at Nick Davis Productions, and making short films with his friends.

After graduation, he moved to New York to help produce one of our most ambitious films One For All: The Enduring Story of Harvard Fencing. Jack oversaw all elements of this project, made in honor of Harvard Fencings 125th anniversary. The film was submitted to film festivals around the world.

Since then, Jack has helped Nick Davis Productions shoot, edit, and produce many other videos, with topics ranging from Supreme Court rulings, dachshunds, and Jazz.