Marketing Videos

Book Trailer for Far From the Tree

Our challenge was to create a book trailer for Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree – a complex and challenging book that tells the stories of parents and their children who are profoundly different from them. The book explores the emotionally challenging subjects such as schizophrenia, deafness, dwarfism, transgender and down syndrome.

We chose to interview the people featured in Solomon’s book. We employed colored backgrounds and had the interviewees speak directly into the camera lens to provide an intimacy and directness with the viewer. We wanted to emphasize the shared humanity rather than focus on the differences between the viewer and the people on the screen.

The 34 short films produced by NDP became the lynchpin of a significant marketing campaign by Droga5 and propelled the book to become a New York Times bestseller. The videos garnered over 25 million views online. Book editor, Nan Graham of Scribner, said the videos were “unutterably beautiful” and said the author was “genius for getting Nick Davis to produce these films.”



“What you’ve done is phenomenal. Your understanding of the work is both wise and empathetic.”

Andrew Solomon –  Author of Far From the Tree