Fundraising & Development

The Collegiate School: Building the Future

Our challenge was to create a film to help raise funds for the Collegiate School’s move to a newly constructed facility in a brand new location, while appeasing a large base of sentimental alumni who were displeased with the move from the school’s historic location.

We produced a film that celebrated The Collegiate School’s storied history as well as the spirit of the building and student body. Persuasive interviews combined with striking visuals helped make a compelling case for why the school needed to build and grow to accommodate for a 21st-century learning environment. The film’s narrative left little doubt that it was the students, educators, administrators and families who create the school’s legacy and community, and not a ‘bunch of bricks [in] the old building.’

The film played to a standing ovation at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center and propelled the fundraising effort to attain maximum support. To date, Collegiate School has raised more than $60 million for the construction and school relocation.


“A great film – your expert hand helps make a most important matter compelling…there is great heart in the film.”

Lee Levison, Collegiate School Headmaster