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Transformed: A Tale of the Rockaways

Tracking and measuring results often gets lost in the day-to-day business world. This can be especially true in the universe of real estate development where success stories often go untold. This marketing film was designed to highlight the commitment and engagement of L+M Development Partners.

In October 2012, the real estate firm L+M was about to close on a big deal: to redevelop Ocean Village, a housing project in the Rockaways, which had fallen into wretchedness and severe disrepair. The tenants were living in squalid conditions; nothing worked; the complex was falling apart with water leaks and mold permeating the premises. Then, just a day before closing on the property, Hurricane Sandy struck the Rockaways, devastating the community and making the distressed property even less valuable. But L+M, with a mission to do good in addition to doing well, didn’t walk away. Would the result bring the housing project back to life?

This short film tracks an incredible, inspiring story of a community’s transformation from despair to hope.



“You captured and humanized a complex real estate development story to make it fascinating, understandable, and relatable to the audience.  Fantastic job.”

Richard Weinstock – L+M Vice Chairman/Senior Partner